Dugong Trip at Calauit Island

Dugongs are herbivorous and primarily feed on seagrass, making them an important part of the marine ecosystem.


Guide to Dugong Trip at Calauit Island

The dugong, or popularly known as the “sea cow,” is a marine mammal that can be found in the waters around Calauit Island and also in many other coastal regions in the Indian and western Pacific Oceans. The Dugongs of Calauit Island have become a main stay around the area primarily because they feed on seagrass, which is the unique underwater landscape of the Calauit island. They are closely related to manatees and can be identified by its dolphin like tail.

Marine Life

The coastal area of Calauit Island is teeming with a unique collection of marine life. The abundance of sea grass provides a safe heaven for a unique variety of marine species. Aside from the Dugong, this green grassy and sandy sea bed is home to sea horses and a wide array of macro species like nudibranchs, Cuttlefish and small octopus.

Crystal Clear Waters

All around the island, the visibility is excellent, making it ideal for underwater exploration and photography. It’s sandy white bottom further enhances the crystal clear waters because of the sun’s reflection.


The Dugongs are a protected species not only in Calauit but throughout the archipelago. This unique tourist and dive destination imposes strict guidelines to protect this unique sanctuary. Strict guidelines, permits and time limits are implemented when visiting the Dugong sanctuary.

A must-visit location for scuba enthusiasts. Calauit Island Dugong sanctuary provides a whole new adventure in diving. Getting up close to these beautiful creatures in its equally unique environment presents an exhilarating diving experience.


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