Apo Reef

It’s known for its exceptional underwater biodiversity and stunning coral reefs.


Guide to Apo Reef

An acclaimed diving destination for underwater enthusiasts and a protected marine park located off the coast of Occidental Mindoro. It is considered the world’s second largest contiguous coral system and largest atoll in the Philippines. Divers can expect:

Marine Life

Apo Reef is a habitat for reef sharks, thresher sharks, dolphins, manta rays and other endangered species. Turtles and a diverse array of marine species make their home in this flourishing ecosystem.

Coral Gardens

Apo Reef showcases a diverse and spectacular underwater scenery filled with vibrant and intricate coral formations, supporting a habitat for numerous marine species. These enchanting lush coral gardens reveal a thrilling display of different shapes and colors.

Wall Dives

An exciting adventure descending along vertical reef walls that are covered with an extensive collection of vibrant corals, massive tube corals, colorful sponges, and an abundance of fish species. Divers can enjoy the fascinating transition of marine ecosystems from shallow waters to deeper depths, discovering pelagic creatures, such as, rays, sharks, and other larger marine life.


In addition to the captivating beauty and mystique of Apo Reef, divers can discover sunken Japanese World War II shipwrecks that overtime became crusted with eye-catching colorful hard corals, and multitudes of reef fish and other thriving marine species.

Dive Sites

Popular dive sites include Apo Reef South Corner, Binangaan drop, and Apo Menor. The clear underwater visibility of these sites makes it ideal for underwater photography.

Diving in Apo Reef provides an opportunity to witness the natural beauty and diverse marine life of the Philippines, making it a must-visit location for scuba enthusiasts.


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